Fun in the country, fun in the town.

It’s been a long weekend here in Auckland as the city has been celebrating its 175th anniversary. That meant me and the family had ample time to sample both rural and city pursuits. On Saturday we were invited by one of Olly’s colleague’s to stay at her house at one of the west coast beaches. It was lush – lovely big lawn overlooking native bush; pizza oven in the garden and close enough to the beach to throw ourselves into the ocean the next morning. The house itself was amazing –  built by Olly’s colleague and her ex and looked like something out of grand-designs – all glass windows and recycled materials.

Elsie on tramp

It was a fun night, chatting to locals – most of them escapees from the city. Elsie especially had a wild time trampolining until well-well past her bedtime with a gaggle of other barefoot kids.

Then today we headed down to Auckland’s harbour area where loads was happening as part of the anniversary celebrations. Food-stalls, buskers and fairground rides amidst tourist bars and luxury yachts. It felt a bit touristy but fun nonetheless. E thought a unicycling juggler called Justin was silly and it felt good to be part of hustle and bustle in what can be quite a sleepy city.

Ol and else

So how did our contrasting excursions influence our ‘where to live’ debate? Well, I’m sat here itching my legs off because of mosquito bites endured in the bush. And despite getting a good vibe from the mum’s I met on the west coast, we can’t quite place ourselves living that remotely for now. So we’re going to look for a home in the city – exorbitant rent and all. It feels good to have made a decision and now we can get on with stuff. Top of my to-do list this week – FInd. A. House.