Hello from a long way away!

On the suggestion of Tim Kerton, I’m starting a blog. It feels a bit naff but I figure it might be the best way to share snippets of news and random thoughts. It won’t be beautifully written or well-desinged and I imagine it will peter out over time. But still, it might be the best way to share a bit of what’s going on with our move to the other side of the world.

I’ve called it Barefoot Elsie because daughter number 1 has immediately adapted to Kiwi life and has shunned shoes. And clothes for a lot of the time too. Things are definitely more relaxed over here.

Probably one of the reasons we haven’t shared much news so far is that life at the moment seems very absorbed with getting ourselves set up. Boring stuff like car-buying and finding somewhere to live is taking up a lot of our time. Property is crazy expensive and we’re continuing to debate whether to live in the city or head out to the sticks. We change our mind on a daily basis.

An initial drive out to the country made us both feel quite panicky. Me especially. I’m not sure I can survive without key mums and kids’ facilities like playgrounds and libraries. And living in the city here would still be a far cry from our life in Tottenham. Inner city suburbs are are filled with quiet tree-lined streets with quaint colonial villas. No crack-houses, dog poo or men pissing in alleys.

But still, a part of me thinks I’m missing a trick in just attempting to transfer our London life to slightly more pleasant surroundings. Are we lacking imagination if we rent a house by a park, close to some vintage shops and kookie cafes? Should we be seeking out adventure in the hills or beaches north of Auckland City? We could live the good life, keeping chickens and making jam – but what if I became psychotic and murdered the family!? The debate continues…


2 thoughts on “Hello from a long way away!

  1. I’m enjoying it already and will definitely keep dropping in. Try to avoid becoming psychotic and murdering the family… can’t imagine it will be good for your visa status. 😉


  2. Its cold here today. hovering around zero degrees. i would love to be barefoot, eating strawberries. good luck with house hunting – go for the sticks, live the dream!


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